Friday, December 26, 2008

Keep Kayaking Green

Tired of throwing your broken boats away?
Let KB kayak welding get her back on the water,
good as she ever was.

Long lasting repairs that hold up to the best, and worst of it.

An applied engineering degree and a passion for minimizing waste, have necessitated a solution to the broken boat problem. Landfills do not need to be filled with repairable kayaks.

Few breaks are unfixable. Linear polyethylene is remarkably resilient and responds well to thermal welding. Though no longer virgin plastic, a weld is still a permanent fusion of the molecular chains. This technology is used in many industrial settings and is quite reliable.

Before you spend 1,000 bucks on a new boat... Give me a call!
I'd love to get you back on the water.

Keel Brightman

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